Investor Relations



    Employee Health + Wellbeing

    SDG3: Good Health and Wellbeing

    We value health and wellbeing holistically: starting with health and welfare, and expanding to include career, community, financial and emotional facets. We provide our employees with in-person and virtual support and communication on an ongoing basis. We are proud to report that we have maintained full employee staffing levels and total rewards, including pay and benefits since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Diversity + Inclusion

    SDG5: Gender Equality

    SDG10: Reduce Inequalities

    A diverse and empowered workforce cultivates innovative ideas and drives the long-term success and sustainability of our business. We are committed to improving diversity and inclusion throughout our workforce as an integral part of our value system. We celebrate diversity in our workforce and incorporate inclusive talent recruitment practices and engagement programs.

    We are committed to providing fair and supported opportunities to our people and building a pipeline for a diverse future at COPT, and within our industry overall. We participate in a working group with NAIOP, a commercial real estate development association, focused on improving diversity and inclusion throughout the commercial real estate industry. We monitor and report on specific workforce diversity indicators, including the gender ratio of employees. This data helps us understand the composition of our talented workforce and plan for our current and future needs and priorities. Further, we engage in numerous activities that fuel the growth of our workforce diversity, including total rewards analysis, affirmative action planning, equal employment reporting, learning opportunities including leadership programs, internship roles and mentorship programs.

    Tenants + Communities

    SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

    Our impact as a company extends well beyond our buildings and grounds. We believe that business success requires strong relationships with our tenants and partnerships within the communities where we operate. Our sustainability vision embraces these fundamental goals:

    > Attract, retain and support tenants with highly skilled and talented workforces who value our full-service relationship
    > Support our surrounding communities as engaged neighbors, and by stimulating economic development

    By pursuing these goals, our work can continue to create economic, environmental and social benefits for our Company and stakeholders.