Corporate Office Properties Trust Was the Winner of the 2006 National Commercial Real Estate Customer Service Award for Excellence


Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT) (NYSE:OFC) announced today that it has achieved the "Best In The Industry" ranking for 2006 by CEL & Associates, Inc. for commitment to the highest level of quality and service to their tenants. The Company won the 2006 National Commercial Real Estate Customer Service Award for Excellence for Category I properties, also referred to as the "A List" Award. Category I is for companies owning over 100 properties, the largest of the categories. CEL & Associates, Inc. is the nation's largest surveyor of tenant satisfaction within the real estate industry. This is the third year in a row that the Company has been the winner in the largest owner category.

In addition, the Company has 121 buildings that received the property level "A List" Award, a significant improvement from 89 buildings in 2005 and 11 buildings in 2000, COPT's first year of participation in the survey. To qualify for the "A List" Award, each property must achieve a 50% minimum tenant response rate and a Service Index score of 85 or above which is based on specific success factors - readiness to solve problems, responsiveness and follow-through, quality of management services, quality of leasing services, relationship rating and renewal retention.

"COPT is extremely proud of its tenant satisfaction scores which increased from the prior year and to be the winner for the third year in a row," stated Randall M. Griffin, President and Chief Executive Officer for Corporate Office Properties Trust. "It is an honor to be recognized for the Company's continual commitment to exceed its tenants' expectations through excellent service, a commitment that COPT takes very seriously. We are happy to say that our properties are the 'Best In The Industry' for yet another year as well as being the recipients of the 'A List' Award."

Company Information

Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT) is a fully integrated, self-managed real estate investment trust (REIT) that focuses on the ownership, management, leasing, acquisition and development of suburban office properties located primarily in submarkets within the Greater Washington, DC region. As of December 31, 2006, the Company owned 188 office properties totaling 15.9 million rentable square feet, which included 18 properties totaling 805,000 square feet held through joint ventures. The Company has implemented a core customer expansion strategy that is built around meeting, through acquisitions and development, the multi-location requirements of the Company's existing strategic tenants. The Company's property management services team provides comprehensive property and asset management to company owned properties and select third party clients. The Company's development and construction services team provides a wide range of development and construction management services for company owned properties, as well as land planning, design/build services, consulting, and merchant development to select third party clients. The Company's shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol OFC. More information on Corporate Office Properties Trust can be found on the Internet at

Forward-Looking Information

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Important factors that may affect these expectations, estimates, and projections include, but are not limited to:

    --  the Company's ability to borrow on favorable terms;

    --  general economic and business conditions, which will, among
        other things, affect office property demand and rents, tenant
        creditworthiness, interest rates and financing availability;

    --  adverse changes in the real estate markets including, among
        other things, increased competition with other companies;

    --  risk of real estate acquisition and development, including,
        among other things, risks that development projects may not be
        completed on schedule, that tenants may not take occupancy or
        pay rent or that development or operating costs may be greater
        than anticipated;

    --  risks of investing through joint venture structures, including
        risks that the Company's joint venture partners may not
        fulfill their financial obligations as investors or may take
        actions that are inconsistent with the Company's objectives;

    --  our ability to satisfy and operate effectively under federal
        income tax rules relating to real estate investment trusts and

    --  governmental actions and initiatives; and

    --  environmental requirements.

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Source: Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT)