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Creating Healthy Work Environments

2019 Sustainability Highlights

  • Received Green Star recognition from GRESB for the sixth consecutive year

  • 8 LEED applications submitted:

    • 1 certification received
    • 7 certifications pending
  • 19 Energy Star Certifications received (268,000 SF)

  • Record-high 4.9 million SF of total leasing in 2019

  • $130,000 in COVID-19 response assistance to communities

  • Implemented robust safety measures keeping tenants and employees safe and all properties operational during the pandemic

Sustainability Vision/Approach
At COPT, we embrace sustainability to support and enhance our corporate mission of creating value for our shareholders by allocating capital primarily to high tech defense/IT locations to grow through low risk development.

We believe that sustainability is connected to many aspects of our business and our approach is below. In developing this vision, we seek to create shared value for all.

  • Select, align and grow a healthy, talented and engaged workforce

  • Manage sustainability related risk, impacts and opportunities of buildings and assets across their lifecycle, from development through occupancy

  • Attract, retain and support tenants with highly skilled and talented workforces who value our full service relationship

  • Support our surrounding communities as engaged neighbors and by stimulating economic development

  • Deliver on the expectations of our investors, and other stakeholders

COPT + The Environment
We continue to demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship by identifying the material issues that are most relevant to our stakeholders and developing reduction goals surrounding those topics. In the section below, we outline the 2025 goals we have established for these topics: Energy and GHG Emissions, Waste and Recycling, and Water.

Sustainability Reports

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